Supported LIO languages in Salesforce


Language support for different Salesforce applications

Language I/O supports 155 languages for Machine Translation (see the full list in the section below). However, support for these languages within Salesforce may vary depending on the application you use.

Salesforce Case, Salesforce Chat and Salesforce Social Messaging

To support a language for SF Case, SF Chat and SF Social Messaging, Language I/O simply needs to add it to your configuration, even if it is not supported by Salesforce natively. To request new languages, contact your LIO representative.

Salesforce Article

If you use SF Article, the list of supported languages must match the list of languages supported by the Salesforce Knowledge Base. This means that Language I/O cannot configure your app with additional languages if they are not supported by Salesforce in the first place.

If you need to translate into a language that is not supported by your Salesforce app, you can still leverage LIO's MT translation using the LIO Chrome Extension.

List of languages supported by Language I/O



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