How to create a LastPass Account and receive shared passwords securely



Step 1:  Create an account

Navigate to and fill out the provided forms (shown below). 

Form 1



Form 2



Once the previous two forms have been filled out correctly, you will reach the screen shown below.  To log in, click the “Log In” button in the top right of the screen.


Step 2: Login

Enter the credentials you provided when creating your account in Step 1, then click the “Log In” button.


Step 3: Accept the shared password

Once logged in, your screen may look like the screenshot below.  It may look slightly different due to updates to the LastPass interface, so don’t worry if things don’t look the same.



If you click on the icon with the two people in the bottom left corner (it is selected in the picture below) it will take you to the screen below.  Select the “Shared with Me” tab.



Once your LIO contact has informed you that they have shared the password with you, you should see something like the following two images appear in the “Shared with Me” section.  If not, try logging out and logging back into your LastPass, then navigating back to the “Shared with Me” tab if necessary.



To accept the shared password, hover your cursor over the entry and click "Accept" like shown in the image below.



Once you click "Accept", the following screen should appear.  The Name and Folder will be appropriate to the record which was shared with you.  Click "Save" and you should now have access to the password in your LastPass Vault!



Step 4: Use the password

Navigate back to the home page by clicking the house icon in the sidebar.



Hover over the record and click the wrench icon to view the details of the record.



Finally, you should be able to view the details of the shared record like the image below.  If you want to view the password, click the eye icon (highlighted in yellow). Once the password is visible, you can copy and paste it where you need to use it. NOTE: Please do not save the password contained in these records anywhere outside of LastPass, as it will compromise the security of all parties involved.



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