Language I/O Response: Medicine Bow Features

Medicine Bow Release

Version 1.0-1.2 / 2017 Language I/O Response Incident Translation Tool for Oracle Service Cloud

Medicine Bow Release Overview
This release includes various visual improvements: text resizing, docking/un-docking, custom colors, and reduced flickering. It also adds the ability to enable/disable re-translation by profile and partially translate messages, as requested by customers, and under-the-hood performance improvements.


Language I/O names its releases after famous Wyoming landmarks. Medicine Bow is part of the gorgeous Snowy Range, known for its alpine lakes and white quartzite boulders.

Medicine Bow 1.0
Profile-Level Re-Translation Permissions
To enable or disable re-translation for specific agent profiles, log in to Oracle Service Cloud with admin-level privileges. Then, navigate to Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Add-In Manager. Select the add-in and click on the Profile Access button in the navigation ribbon. Select the profile whose access you want to change. By default, all agents are allowed to request re-translations. To modify permissions for a profile, select it and enable the desired interfaces if necessary. Then set AgentCanRequestRetranslation to "yes" or "no".

If the TranslationType variable for the profile is set to "machine", re-translation will always be disabled to prevent repeat translations.

Explanations for each server configuration property can be found at the bottom of this article.

Docking and Un-Docking
The add-in can now be un-docked to a separate window. This allows agents to view the add-in on a separate monitor, resize the add-in to utilize the full screen, or view the Language I/O tab at the same time as another tab.


Text Resizing and Color Customization
The agent can now increase or decrease the font size for better readability. They can also change the status-bar color for all types of status - customer messages, agent responses, automatic messages, and other messages. The colors can be set in the Add-In manager using the same steps described above for changing re-translation permissions. Here is a list of all valid color names.


Updated Message Display
The underlying control displaying all messages in the add-in has been updated. All messages will display text and HTML the same as before, but reloads will now occur more quickly with less flickering.

Medicine Bow 1.2
Partial Translations
Sometimes a customer message will contain content that does not need to be translated. Simply highlight the important text before clicking "Translate" and only that text will be sent for translation. This feature is currently not available for re-translations.


Plain Text and Raw Text Display
Customer messages can include HTML formatting, for example if they paste part of a webpage or spreadsheet into their messages. Occasionally this added HTML can cause issues. If Response runs into problematic HTML, it will first try to strip all HTML from the message and display the plain text. If there are still issues (for example if half of an HTML tag is entered into the add-in), an error will be displayed. In this case, the "Aa" button in the upper right can be used to display the raw content including all HTML tags. This option can be used to aid in debugging.


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