Language I/O: Translation Made Simple in Salesforce

Support agents can now answer customer questions in any language without leaving the Salesforce platform thanks to Language I/O. This article demonstrates how agents can respond to questions in unfamiliar languages.

  • The support agent views her open cases in Salesforce and selects one to respond to.


  • The agent has opened a Spanish case. She doesn't speak Spanish so she clicks on the Translate option to the right of the incoming Customer Email from the Language I/O Activity Feed. 


  • An English machine translation of the incoming Customer Email is instantly pushed into the Language I/O Activity table in her Salesforce page. If the text is too long to view in the table, she can click on the icon to the right of the translated Customer Email area. She also sees a "Retranslate" Action that is available for situations where the first translation is not adequate. If she clicks on Retranslate, a new translation of the original Customer Email - which could be a secondary machine translation or a rapid human translation depending upon her configuration - will be displayed in the activity feed. In this case the translation looks good - we just want to see all of it!


  • When the agent clicks on the expand icon, the full translation displays in a separate browser window that can be resized to be as large as necessary for comfortable reading.


  • Now that the agent has read the Customer Email, she is ready to respond. She writes her response in English. Note that she is using special terms in her response such as "24 Hour Deal" and "no shows." Her company wants these special terms translated a certain way. For Spanish, the company wants these terms translated as "oferta de 24 horas" and "no presentado." These are not the translations the agent would see if she ran her response through an online machine translation service or even through a human linguist. Language I/O is plugged into five neural and statistical machine translation engines as well as numerous human translation services. Regardless of the translation service used, the company-specific translations for these "glossary terms" will be imposed upon the resulting translation by the Language I/O Smart Translation Server. As time is of the essence, the agent will request a machine translation even though both machine and human options are available.


  • A machine translation of the agent's response is instantly pushed back into the Salesforce Email tab and it is ready to send. Note that the correct translation of 24 Hour Deal (oferta de 24 horas) and for no shows (no presentado) have been enforced in the Spanish translation and the email is ready to send!




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