How to Notify Agents When a Human Translation Has Been Returned

When human translation is enabled in Language I/O Response, you may want to create business rules that notify agents whenever a human translation is pushed from Language I/O back into Oracle Service Cloud. While these generally turn around in less than half an hour, clearly the agent will not sit there and wait for it. This short tutorial will show you how to notify agents via popup or email that a human translation is ready for them in a particular Incident.

1. Creating the Rule
You will need to be logged in as an admin user to complete this step.

1. Navigate to Navigation -> Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Rules.
2. In the ribbon of the rules window, select "Edit" and "Incident".
3. Create a new rule as shown below:
3a. Under Functions -> Escalations (or another appropriate catergory), right click and select "Create New Rule".
3b. Enter appropriate content for "Rule Name" and "Notes".
3c. Add an If Condition -> Incident -> LinguistNow Status
3d. Set the If fields to "equals" and "SUCCESS: Human translation complete."
3e. Add an additional If Condition -> Incident -> LinguistNow Status
3f. Set the 2nd If field to "modified this edit". 
3g. The Logical Expression should be set to "1 & 2"
3h. Add a Then Condition -> Email -> Send Escalation Notification
3i. Choose the groups you want to notify and give an applicable description of the event.
4. Save the rule and Activate the updated rulebase.

2. Notification Settings
These settings may need to be adjusted by the agent who will be receiving the notifications.

1. Navigate to File -> Options -> Personal Settings.
2. Under "Notification Options", make sure that the desired notifications are enabled. Check "Send Email Notification" for emails. Check "Display Toast Notifications" for the pop-up notifications within OSC.


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