Testing Language I/O Chat

Unlike testing other apps, testing Chat in a production environment is tricky, because we would like to ensure that no actual customer chats are received by the tester. We would also like to ensure that a customer service agent does not receive our test chat by mistake.

1. First, we'll create our special chat queue. Go to Navigation -> Configuration -> Application Appearance -> Customizable Menus -> System Menus -> Chat Queues -> New -> Name the chat queue appropriately, ex. "Language IO Test Queue".

2. Next, we'll associate a business rule with that queue, and a unique identifier for the test chat. Go to Navigation -> Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Rules -> Chat -> Edit -> States -> Initial -> New Rule. I use the contact's email as a trigger, so that when you start a chat as the "customer" you can easily set the appropriate email to be routed to the test chat.
See the rule below for an example:

3. Now we need to update the queues available to the testing profile to ensure that only test chats are received. Go to Navigation -> Configuration -> Staff Management -> Profiles -> Tester's Profile -> Permissions -> Service -> Chat and update the Chat Queues list such that only the test queue is enabled for that profile. You may want to record which queue's the profile was previously set up for. Selecting "Transfer to Other Groups" is also advised in case a mistake was made earlier and a customer chat comes through while testing.

4. We are ready to test. After logging out and then in to the testing profile, log in to Chat, set your status to available, and Request a Chat if necessary. Start a customer chat from your chat portal, making sure to set your trigger (in my example, this means setting the email address to the value listed in the business rule) and accept it with your test agent. You can now test or demo chat as shown in this tutorial. (Your chat instance may appear slightly different depending on your workspace layout.)

5. Remember to reset the profile(s) to the correct chat queues after testing. 


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