Installation of Language I/O Response in Zendesk

1. Begin by installing the product from the marketplace or getting the latest build zip from Language I/O.

2. To install from zip go to Settings -> Apps -> Manager -> Upload private appScreen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.27.05_AM.png

Name the app Language I/O and find the zip from your computer, then upload.Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.31.24_AM.png


3. Add optional fields used for Language I/O Status, Machine count, and Human count. Status is a text field, and the other 2 are numeric. 




These fields may be added in Settings -> Manage -> Ticket Fields. Then take the "Field Id" for each added field for use in the settings in the next step. Permissions for each field should be "Agent only".





4. Find the settings for the product under Settings -> Apps -> Manage -> Currently Installed -> Language I/O -> Change settings:





Field settings:

a) Language I/O Url, Client Id, and Authtoken should be given by Language I/O.

b) Retranslation and Agent translation machine/human setting, decides if retranslation and the agent's response are translated via "machine" or "human" translation.

c) 3 Ticket id fields.  These fields take the id's of the ticket fields created in the last step. If not filled out, the product will not attempt to update anything.


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