Installation of Language I/O Response in Zendesk

Installation of Application

  1. Begin by installing the product from the marketplace or getting the latest build zip from Language I/O.
  2. To install to  and click Install

  3. You'll then be redirected to the settings page where you'll enter at least the info labeled with *.  There are some optional settings which are outlined in the next step
    1. Field settings:
      1. Language I/O Url, Client Id, and Auth Token should be given by Language I/O.
      2. Re-translation and Agent translation machine/human setting, decides if re-translation and the agent's response are translated via "machine" or "human" translation.
      3. Three Ticket id fields.  These fields take the id's of the ticket fields created in the last step. If not filled out, the product will not attempt to update anything.



Custom Fields

  • Detected Locale Field ID for Detected Locale Code: This field stores the detected locale code from the first requested translation.
  • Ticket Field ID for Status Text: The field stores the translation status. This is primarily used for customers using Human translation. Some statuses are as follows:
    • Machine Translation Success
    • Human Translation Requested
    • Human Translation Returned
    • An Error Occurred with Language I/O
  • Ticket Field ID for Status Dropdown: Some customers prefer to use a dropdown to store the status described above
  • Ticket Field ID for Human Translation Count: 
  • Ticket Field ID for Subject Translation Storage: This field captures the translation of the subject. This is commonly used so the customer can have the translated subject available in a report.
  1. Add optional fields used for Language I/O Status, Machine count, and Human count. Status is a text field, and the other 2 are numeric. These fields may be added in Settings -> Manage -> Ticket Fields. Then take the "Field Id" for each added field for use in the settings in the next step. Permissions for each field should be "Agent only".


  2. Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_2.38.52_PM.png

Authorization of OAuth2 Client

  1. A username and password for our web portal should be provided by your Language I/O Representative.
  2. Log into your Zendesk Support account.
  3. Navigate to where you will sign into our web portal to authorize our OAuth2 client. Use the credentials provided by your Language I/O representative.
  4. You will be redirected to Zendesk to authorize the OAuth2 client. The page should look exactly like the image below. Click "Allow"Response_OAuth_Confirmation.PNG
  5. You will be redirected back to our web portal to see the confirmation message below.LIO_Successful_OAuth_Flow.PNG

Enable Locales within Zendesk Customer Support

  1. Log into your Zendesk Support account.
  2. Click on the gear icon (Admin) in the far right column.
  3. Under Settings, select Account > Localization tab.  Click on Additional languages.
  4. Enable Agent and Customer languages (see questionnaire).  Click on Save


Final Notes:

The app is now successfully installed! If you haven't already, please contact your Language I/O Representative, so they can configure your account based on your language preferences and the features you desire. 




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