Installation of Language I/O Batch Help in Oracle Service Cloud

This article is intended for Oracle Service Cloud administrators responsible for installing and configuring the Language I/O Batch Help add-in for answer translation. Additional configuration must be completed by your Language I/O Representative to connect you with translation providers.

1. Install the Language I/O Batch Help Add-In

1. Navigate to Configuration -> Site Configuration -> Add-In Manager and click on the New icon in the Home Ribbon. You will be prompted to upload the Language I/O Batch add-in .zip file that is provided to you by your Language I/O representative.
2. Once the add-in is uploaded, select the Profile Access button in the Home Ribbon and enable the add-in for your profile (this is so that you will be able to update the Server Configuration Properties later).
3. Select the Save & Close button in the Home Ribbon.
4. Restart the Agent Desktop application so changes can register.
5. Navigate back to the Profile Access section of the Add-In Manager.
6. Enable the profiles/interfaces that will use the Add-In and set the Server Configuration Properties appropriately.

Values starting with "Site" should be set the same for every enabled profile.
Site_LinguistNowLogin: This private value is unique to your OSC instance and will be sent to you by your Language I/O Representative.
Site_LinguistNowUrl: This should be kept as the default, , unless you are told otherwise.
Translation_SupportLocale: This number represents the ID of the language that the help articles were originally written in. English is 1. If your articles are written in another language and you do not know its ID, contact your LIO Representative.

2. Set the Necessary Profile Permissions

1. Navigate to Configuration -> Staff Management -> Profiles.
2. For each profile that will use the add-in, go to Permissions and enable all Public SOAP API and Public Knowledge Foundation API permissions.

3. Create or Modify an Answer Report to Include the Add-In

1. Navigate to Analytics -> Reports Explorer and open the selected report for editing.
2. In the ribbon, select Records, expand Answer, select "Language I/O Batch Translate", and click "OK".
Note: Reports must contain Answer ID and Answer Summary columns for the Add-In to work.

Batch Answer Translation Add-In 2.0.7517.23855


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