Using Language I/O Batch Help in Oracle Service Cloud

Language I/O Batch Help lets you select multiple articles to translate at once. Below is an overview of the basic Batch Help workflow.

There is a short video demonstrating Batch Help here.

1. Log in as a configured user and navigate to Analytics -> Reports Explorer -> your Batch Help-enabled report.

2. Do any relevant filtering/searching.

3. Using Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click, select the articles you want to translate. All articles must have the source language listed in the Server Configuration Properties.

4. Right-Click a selected article and select "Language I/O Batch Translate".

5. The Batch Help pop-up will appear. Enter a Project Name, remove any mistakenly added articles, and select the languages you would like to translate to (using Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click).

6. Click Send Translation Request.

7. After a successful request, the project will appear on the projects page in the web portal.


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