Installation of Language I/O Social in Salesforce

This article is intended for Salesforce administrators responsible for installing and configuring the Language I/O Social add-in for social case translation.

Installation of the Language I/O App for Social

  1. Contact Language I/O Support at to get an account setup in our database. Once an account is created on our side, you will be sent a Language I/O Consumer ID. This will be used later in the process. 
  2. Create a Salesforce user for Language I/O with sufficient permissions to push back translations. Administrator level is easiest for setup purposes, but minimum requirements are as follows in the screenshot. Language I/O will need to be provided the username, password, and security token for this user. All users using the plugin require these permissions as well.Screen_Shot_2018-09-24_at_9.22.39_AM.png
  3. Install the package from the latest URL below depending on whether you are using a Sandbox or Production org. Begin by logging into the instance of Salesforce you wish to use. Visit the install link in the same browser and select "Install for all users".
  • Sandbox org:
  • Production org:


   4.  To setup secure settings for the plugin add a new visualforce tab that will only be used by an Administrator in initial setup. Navigate to Setup -> Create -> Tabs and enter the information shown below.


   5.  Add a new Visualforce tab called Language I/O Social Secure Settings using the LinguistNow_SecureSocialSettings Visualforce page.


   6.  Next, add this tab to your tab layout (as an administrator).



   7.  Finally, navigate to this tab and fill out the entries as provided by Language I/O. The Url will be 


The settings are one-way entry and will disappear after saving. This is expected. After verifying that the product is working, this process can be undone to remove existence of the tab, as these settings will only be entered once.



Install the main Visualforce page

1) Create a new case action under Setup -> Customize -> Cases -> Buttons Links and Actions called Language I/O Social


It should be a new Custom Visualforce action using the LanguageIO_SocialPlugin page and be a height of 250px


2. Identify the page layout used to process Social cases and edit it under Setup -> Customize Cases -> Page Layouts. Add the newly created action Screen_Shot_2018-09-24_at_10.37.18_AM.png


3) Verify the Quick action shows up on the desired layout and pulls social data on social cases.



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