Language I/O Social for Salesforce

The Language I/O Social app for Salesforce Social Customer Service allows mono-lingual support agents to chat with customers in over 100 languages, within the Case interface where they normally work. In this article, the examples will include an English-speaking agent and a Spanish-speaking customer. However, the Language I/O Social translation app is by no means limited to these languages.

Our Salesforce app is powered by the best machine translation engines in the industry for the particular language pair - to provide both instantaneous translations as well as high quality. Moreover, the Language I/O failover system will automatically send your translation requests to a second and even third machine translation engine should a problem occur with the first translation request. And it all happens within milliseconds.

Lastly, if you have a glossary of terms that you would like to see translated a specific way - or not translated at all as in the case of product names - we can impose your product- and industry-specific terms on top of any of the machine translation engines we support.

Here's how it works.

 1) Incoming cases arrive in Salesforce as a new Case and the Language I/O Social plugin displays the text:


2) When "Translate" is clicked on the right hand side, it will machine translate the incoming foreign text and after a refresh, display the text.  Note that a "Retranslate" option exists if the machine translation option isn't clear enough, and human translation is desired.


3) The Agent can then type their response in English and hit "Translate".



4) When the translation has been performed it will be replaced in the text box. At which point the agent can hit "Post to Facebook" (or "Twitter") and the message will be posted back to the customer.








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