Salesforce Case translation user guide (Lightning)

With Language I/O Response 2 for Salesforce, monolingual agents can now respond to customer questions in multiple languages.

Translation of Subject & Description

Suppose that as an agent in the Service Console of Salesforce Lightning, you open a case that has a Subject and a Description in a foreign language, for example Spanish:


Select the Language I/O Tab. Click on an item to translate, then click translate.


The Language I/O component sends the original Spanish text to the Language I/O server for translation. If the language is supported, the system automatically detects the locale based on the source text, and returns the English translation.

Both the source and the translated text now appear in the UI.

If you wants to retranslate the text with a different Machine Translation engine or a human linguist, click on Retranslate.

Post a Comment in Foreign Language

You can also post a public comment in the customer's language.


Using the "Post Comment" widget in Language I/O tab, enter a comment in English, then click the Translate button. Like the Subject and Description before, the translation of the posted comment appears in the UI.


To sort translation activities, you can click on Newest, Oldest, and Recently Translated.

Translation of E-Mail Draft

With the Language I/O Email Draft component, you can translate an outgoing email draft from English to a foreign language.


Create a draft email using the Email action of a feed, then click the Translate button in the Language I/O Email Draft Translation component.


The component sends the draft email in English to the Language I/O server for translation. Then, it updates the draft email with the translated Spanish text, and shows it in the Email action.

Translating more content

The Language I/O Response 2 for Salesforce is not limited to subject, descriptions or emails: it can also perform translations of comments posted by a customer in a foreign language, use configurable machine translation engines, support for human translations, etc. 



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