Create a Language I/O Chat Transcript Report


The attached report lists all Chat Incidents containing Language I/O translations, making it easy to review translated transcripts. The report is sorted by most recent first.

Step 1: Import and Save the Report

The report can be used directly by simply saving the attached report definition, "Language IO Chat Transcript Incidents.xml", and importing it into the desired interface. See the section titled Importing Report Definitions in this Oracle FAQ for details.

Optional Step: Add Additional Fields and/or Custom Language Column

The attached report shows the value of the default Language field. If you have a custom language field, you will want to remove OSC's Language field and add your custom language field instead. The name of your custom language field will vary depending on your specific setup. See Step 3 of this Oracle FAQ for details on adding columns.

You can also add any other desired columns, filtering, etc. to the report by following the FAQ above, as long as the Filter "Language I/O Chat Transcripts Only" is not removed.

Optional Step: Add a Filter to an Existing Report

If you would like to instead modify an existing report to only display Language I/O Chat Transcripts, simply add a Filter from Ribbon -> Home -> Filters -> Filter Editor -> Add Filter with the parameters shown below.



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