oAuth2 Setup for Zendesk Guide Translation

1. Follow the steps below to complete the Language I/O Zendesk oauth setup, which is a prerequisite to complete setup of the Language I/O Guide translation solution.

  • A username and password for our web portal should be provided by your Language I/O Representative.
  • Log into your Zendesk Support account.
  • Navigate to where you will sign into our web portal to authorize our OAuth2 client. Use the credentials provided by your Language I/O representative.
  • You will be redirected to Zendesk to authorize the OAuth2 client. The page should look like the image below. Click "Allow."


  • You will be redirected back to our web portal to see the confirmation message below.


2. Advise the client to log into the below Golinguist portal using their MT portal credentials in LastPass


3. Click on the Projects tab and search for article(s)


4. Select the article and click on Submit for Translation


5. Name the project and selected the target language(s)


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