Submitting projects for Machine Translation


  • Log into the portal at
  • Click on Launch Project (green button in the top right corner)
  • Fill out the project information:
    • File Name: use the date, language combination, and the suffix _Production (e.g., 10-6-2021_ZHT into EN_Production). This helps us identify the project in our system for using tracking purposes
    • Reference number: not needed
    • Service: pick the service with the language combination you are requesting
    • Specialization: pick General
    • Pick your source and target languages and assign a deadline. Note: the translation will be automated, but the system still needs a deadline to proceedScreen_Shot_2021-10-06_at_4.46.58_AM.png
  • Click Source Files
  • Upload your file(s). Note: at this time, you will have to save PDF files as Word before loading them into the portal
  • Click File Statistics. This is a rough summary of the word countScreen_Shot_2021-10-06_at_4.49.49_AM.png
  • Click Summary
  • Check the box Send deliverables to this contact. You can also add notes if needed
  • If everything looks good, click Launch Project

At this stage, the project is submitted and will be automatically translated.

All your projects can be found under the project tab. Keep in mind that the progress tab is not going to show the real status of the project since this is a machine translation workflow. You will receive an email when the files are ready to be downloaded.

Each project has a quoted amount attached to it as well. This is based on the rate of the package of words that you have purchased with Language I/O. More detailed usage information can be found in the Language I/O Dashboard.

Once you receive an email saying that the project is completed (usually within 2-30 minutes of submission), you can:

  • Download the files using the link in the email
  • Download the files from the portal. To do so, find the project under the tab Projects, click on the + sign to open the details, and find the files under the files tab>Deliverables

You can use the Settings (cogwheel next to the Launch Project button) to change your account settings. In the third tab, you can also add a contact person to your account. This can be helpful if you want to be the one submitting projects but want the final files to be sent to someone else (we can create multiple accounts for you, but this is a quick option if you need someone to be your backup on a one-time basis, or perhaps if someone else needs to receive files).




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