Translation Quality FAQ

Language I/O’s core technology strives to create a leading environment for language translation.  At the root, is the quality of translations. We are continuously working to improve our translation methods and thus, provide you constantly improving translation quality.

  1. We are integrated with the world’s best neural machine translation (NMT) platforms. At the time a translation request hits our server, we intelligently select the best engine for fluency for that particular language pair.
  2. We impose our customers’ preferred translations, in real-time, for problematic terms and phrases.  This is executed on top of the select NMT engine from the beginning of the translation process.
  3. We have numerous accuracy feedback loops. Known here as supervised learning feedback, it allows us to adjust engine selection and glossary imposition in order to improve accuracy.
  4. We are launching a Self Improving Glossary named SIGLO. SIGLO will proactively detect new terms and phrases that require a special translation for a specific customer or industry vertical.


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