Installing LIO Article translation in Salesforce: Prerequisites

This document outlines the information we need prior to installation for the configuration to be successful. 


What is the name of your knowledge object in Salesforce?

Depending on your org, your knowledge object might be named either Knowledge Article or Knowledge. 


How to fetch this information: 

Navigate to Setup -> Object Manager 

On the quick find box, type 'Knowledge'. Look at the Label and assess whether it is Knowledge or Knowledge Article. 



Which Record Types will you be utilizing for your articles?

In Salesforce, each article can have a Record Type associated with it, this record type indicates the kind of information the article contains. Some examples include: FAQ, Help, Internal, etc.


How to fetch this information: 

Navigate to Setup → Object Manager → Knowledge or Knowledge_Article → Record Types.

We only need to know about those whose articles you wish to translate. 


Which fields for each Record Type do you want us to translate?

We need to know which translatable fields are associated with each Record Type. For each field please provide the api name, the data type, and the Record Type it is associated to. 


How to fetch this information:

You can view which fields are related to each record type by going to: Setup → Object Manager → Knowledge or Knowledge_Article → Page Layouts. 

Double check the API names of each field by going to the ‘Fields & Relationships Tab’.


Which XTM instance are you using?

Language I/O provides XTM services through our own instance; however, there are customers that prefer to use their own instance of XTM. If the latter is the case, we will need credentials to authenticate to your instance through our plugin. 



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