Release Notes - LIO for Zendesk Chat & Tickets Q1.2022

Zendesk (ZD) Chat & Tickets First Quarter 2022 Release Feature Details


Improved Visual Design and Side Panel App Location


  • The app is located in the side panel which allows interaction with Zendesk while performing translations.
  • An improved user experience 
  • New intuitive and user friendly interfaces

  • Combination of Chat and Ticket plugins 

  • Improved_visual_design_and_Side_panel_app_location.png

Nesting of Translations


  • After a customer translation is done, the most recent translation appears at the top of the translation group.
  • The original message appears in grey after expanding the translation group, with any other translations above.
  • Partial translations are at the top of the nested messages.
    • Note: Any older partial translations are only available in the modal area.
  • An agent-translated message appears at the top level of the group with the translation nested below.
    • This allows the agent to view their own language at the top level.


Partial Translations in a Modal Overlay Screen

View and make partial message text translations in the partial modal overlay screen.


  • The agent may make as many partial translations as needed until a complete translation is made.
  • Once a complete translation is made, no further partial messages are allowed.
    • Note:
      • The Partial button disappears. (example shown below)


  • Partial translations are only available via machine translation in tickets.
    • Human translation and chat are coming in the next release.


Auto Send Agent Replies with the Default Toggle Setting

When activated the auto-send toggle automatically sends the translated reply to the customer.


  • The agent has the ability to change the toggle default to enabled via application settings.


Optional Updating of Native Zendesk Customer Contact Language

The app populates the Zendesk customer contact language with the detected locale when enabled in application settings.


Real-Time Customer Reply Updates

The app receives new customer ticket replies as they come in.

Button Tooltips with Translation Info

Tooltips display info about remaining translations and translation status.


  • Redetect Button Tooltip:
    • Redetect and reset locale
  • Translation Button Tooltips:
    • Translate
    • Retranslate
    • Waiting for human translation
    • All translations completed (example shown below)


Menus with Customer and Translation Info

Message Menu

The Message menu displays:

  • MESSAGE Information:
    • Session ID
    • Source
    • Language
    • Translation Type:
      • Machine
      • Human 
    • Translation Status:
      • Machine and Human translation statuses (i.e., Machine translation complete)


Ticket Menu

The Ticket Menu displays:

  • TICKET Information:
    • Customer Name
    • Customer ID
    • Ticket ID
    • Translation Type:
      • Machine
      • Human 


Embedded Chat Functionality in Agent Workspace


  • In the Agent Workspace, Agents can create chat translations using similar functionality and visual layout as is available in tickets within the same plugin.
  • New customer messages are automatically translated while the Translation On toggle is set.
    • The Translation On toggle is automatically turned off should an error occur.
  • Agents can quickly send chats using the plugin’s textbox.
    • As opposed to using Ticket Mode, where Agents can use the Zendesk native textbox to create more complex ticket replies.


Flexible Resizing of the Plugin in the Agent Workspace

In the Agent Workspace, the Agent can resize the plugin:

  • Larger resized plugin example:



  • Smaller resized plugin example:


 Classic and Agent Workspace Compatibility for Tickets

Ticket Mode functions both in the classic and Agent Workspace.

New Agent Workspace Example:



Chat: Re-Detect Locale Button


  • During a chat, if the customer switches languages mid-conversation the Agent can use the re-detect button re-detect_button.png to reset the customer's locale to the customer's new language.
  • If the agent notices a message sent in a different language with the Translation toggle off, they can redetect locale based on that new language and translate the message after.
    • Example with Translation toggle off shown below:




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