Release Notes - LIO for Salesforce Case version 2.24

Details of the Salesforce (SF) Case 2.24 Release Features


High Word Count

High Word Count is a feature that allows users to set a translation word count threshold for outbound e-mails.

This configurable feature informs an agent when a preset word limit is exceeded.

High Word Count limit is set by the System Administrator via two public settings (shown below):

  • Word Count Alert Threshold:
    • This setting allows the user to enter the upper threshold of the words to be translated via e-mail.
    • This has to be a positive numeric value.
  • Enforce Word Count Alert Threshold:
    • This setting allows the user to enforce the word threshold.
    • If it is unchecked, the threshold is ignored.



How It Works

Agent writes an outbound email to the customer and clicks on Translate in the Language I/O E-mail Draft widget (shown below).


If the word count of the email exceeds the word count threshold, a warning message appears on the screen (shown below).


The Agent can:

  • click Cancel (shown above).
    • The Agent can then go back and edit the email content to reduce the words.
  • click Confirm (shown above).
    • The email translation proceeds.

Case User Interface (UI) Design Updates 

Updates Include:

Action buttons are always visible (shown below).


  • Previously, the user had to hover over the text for the action buttons to be visible.


Action buttons are now at the top of the thread (shown below).


  • Previously, the buttons were at the bottom, which made it hard to reach the translate button when the message was long.


Status messages were moved to the top of the thread which allows for the full status message to show (shown below).


  • Previously, the user had to hover over the icon to display the full text.
  • Only visible when clicking on the source item. 


Partial translation window expands downward to accommodate long messages (shown below).


  • Previously, the window only showed about 1-3 lines of text.
  • User no longer has to scroll to highlight text in longer messages.




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