Release Notes - LIO for Salesforce Chat version 2.36

Details of the Salesforce (SF) Chat 2.36 Release Features


Ability to Translate Old Chat Messages

Feature allows an agent to translate old incoming messages from a foreign language speaking customer when translation was initially disabled.

Once the Translation button is toggled on, old incoming messaging are automatically translated.

Controlled by the Translate All Untranslated custom setting. (shown below):



  • If it is unchecked, the feature is not available.

How It Works


Scenario 1

When a customer initiates a chat, the translation is set to disabled, by default, in the custom settings. (Example shown below in Screenshot AThe customer sends a few messages to the Agent. The agent sees these messages without translations. Once the agent turns on the translation toggle (Example shown below in Screenshot B), these messages are translated automatically.

Screenshot A


Screenshot B


Scenario 2

When a chat is transferred to another agent, the behavior of translating old incoming messages remains the same. The 2nd agent can always turn on the translation toggle (See Screenshot B above) to translate any untranslated incoming messages into the agent’s language. This is beneficial to users because there is no communication lost when a case is escalated to another agent speaking a different language.

Same Consumer Credential Usage

Language I/O (LIO) can now support several Salesforce environments using only one consumer when the customer is using machine translation with the Chat, Chatbot, Digital Engagement, or Case plugins. 


  • Previously, LIO had to configure a consumer for every active environment.
  • There is no longer a limit on how many environments a customer can have the Language I/O plugins enabled.  
  • No longer a need to:
    • provide LIO with a user name and password to authenticate into their organization.
    • establish an OAuth connection.
    • provide an org URL. 


  • Article plugin does not support this feature.
  • Human translation is not yet supported.
    • This includes article translation, as well as rapid human translation available within the case plugin.



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