Language I/O (LIO) Pre-Pilot Checklist

Checklist for Pilots requiring MTPE or for Human Rapid Translation



Provide LIO with the latest glossary to be used for each of the languages.

If there's a source glossary of key concepts this is useful too.
Note: Supported file formats: XLS, XLSX, TBX.


Software References 

Provide LIO with the UI references for each of the languages.

If the software is not localized for the different markets, advise LIO to use the software references as per the English with a translation in brackets.

Advise LIO how the software references should be formatted (i.e., bold, italics, surrounded by quotes, etc.).


Additional Software References

If possible, provide LIO with access to your platform/website in order for our translators to be able to get more context.


Point of Contact for Queries

In case LIO translators have any queries about the source content, is there a point of contact available?


Style Guide

Do you have a Style Guide detailing your stylistic preferences?

If not, do you have any list of key requirements per language, such as:

        • tone of voice per content type
        • preference for formal form of address or informal (when relevant according to language)
        • software references handling 

Translation Memories

Share with LIO with any existing Translation Memories that could be useful for reference for the content to be translated.


Supported file formats: TMX, XLIFF or Excel file.

Preferred format is TMX v 4b format. 

Click here for a downloadable / printable Language I/O Pre-Pilot Checklist


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