Release Notes - LIO for Salesforce Case version 2.25

Details of the Salesforce (SF) Case 2.25 Release Features


Translate Outbound Email Subject 

Translate Outbound Email Subject allows users to translate the subject of an outbound email.

How It Works Example
  1. Agent creates a case to reach out to a customer via email as a follow-up after a chat conversation.
  2. Agent drafts an email with subject and body in the agent’s language.
  3. To translate the subject, the agent clicks on the lightning bolt on the Language I/O E-Mail Draft widget, then selects Translate Subject.






  • An email draft needs to be saved in order to translate the subject.
    • If an email draft is not saved an error appears.
  • Draft Email Subject Translation must be enabled:
    • When checked, the UI of the Language I/O Email Draft widget changes to allow translation of the email message body and the email subject.
    • When this setting is unchecked, only the email draft body translated.

When Enable Draft Email Subject Translation is checked


Localization Agent Rating Flag in French, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish 

Localization Rating Flag added to:

  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish


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