Selecting the language of a customer to translate an outbound case

Configuration instructions and How to Use steps when an Agent needs to send an outbound translated email to a Customer and it's not in response to an incoming Case.


  • This option assumes the Agent knows the customer’s language without Language I/O needing to detect it.


Configuration Instructions

Part 1 - Create a Picklist Value Set
 Step Action
1 From Setup, look for Picklist Value Sets from the Quick Find box. 

Click New next to Global Value Sets.



Enter the required information in the form.

  • Notes:
    • Label, Name, and Description are up to the customer.
    • The API Names of the values in the picklist MUST match the locale codes/languages that are configured for your Language I/O account.
      • Ask your Language I/O Customer Success Manager for a list. (see screenshot below)


Part 2 - Create a Picklist Field in the Case Object
Step Action
1 From Setup, navigate to Object Manager.

Click on Case then Fields and Relationships then click New.


3 Choose Picklist for the field type then click Next.

Enter the required details (field label, field name, etc.).

For Values select Use Global Picklist Value Set and select the Global Picklist  created in the previous section, then click Next.


5 Make the field visible for all profiles that are using Language I/O for translation then click Next.
6 Add field to the case page layouts where the Language I/O plugin is being used then click Save.
7 Copy the field name of the field just created, use this in the following part.
Part 3 - Add Picklist Field to the Custom Settings
Step Action
1 From Setup, search for Custom Settings in the Quick Find box. 

Click Manage next to Language I/O Response Public Settings.


Click Edit at the top and paste the field created above next to Locale Field Name then click Save.


  • Make sure to include all underscores and “__c” if applicable when pasting the field name.


How To Use

The following steps assume the Agent is in the case record page

preparing to send an email to a customer.

This also applies when replying to a customer with a post comment.

Step Action
1 Navigate to the Details component and find the picklist created in previous section.

Select the customer’s language from the picklist and click Save. This selection is then reflected in the Language I/O Email Draft widget next to Customer.


  • It might take a few seconds for the Language I/O Email Draft widget to update the customer language.
  • The widget reflects the field name which might differ from the field value.


3 The Agent can now type an email draft in their preferred language then use the Language I/O Email Draft widget to translate the body and subject of the email to the customer’s language.







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