Release Notes - LIO for Salesforce Chat version 2.39.1

Details of the Salesforce (SF) Chat 2.39.1 Release Features


Chat Retranslation

Chat Retranslation allows an Agent using Language I/O to re-translate individual incoming messages from the customer.

How It Works

Click the Re-translate button for the given incoming message to enable the feature.



  • The button’s scope is only the message above it. No other messages are affected by the action.
  • The Agent can only perform one retranslation per message. Once a retranslation is complete, the retranslate button disappears for that message.

Ability to Request & Display Images/Files within the Language I/O Component 

An Agent using Language I/O can now request a file from within the Language I/O component when the customer wishes to send a file. This functionality was previously only available within SF. 


  • The file cannot exceed 5MB, this is also the SF limit.
  • A file can also be an image.
How It Works

When the customer requests to send a file, the Agent clicks on the Request File icon, located to the right of the Translation Toggle.


Just like in the native SF Conversation component, the Agent must associate the file with either a Contact, Account, Lead, or Case, so there is something to attach the file.


Once the Agent chooses a record to attach the file to, they can click on the Request button. This then allows the customer to attach a file.

The Agent can also cancel the request by clicking on the Request File button and then clicking on the Cancel Request button.


Once the image is sent by the customer, it displays in the conversation. This image displays in the Language I/O component as well as the SF Conversation component.


Considerations & Limitations:

  • The file preview might appear differently in the Language I/O component than in the Conversation component.

    • This does not affect the actions that can be performed on the file.

    • The Agent can click the file on either component to download, share, create a public link, etc. on either component.

  • The Language I/O File Transfer does not allow extended search.

    • Extended search allows the agent to search for an Account, Lead, Case, or Contact from a bigger modal.

    • Currently, this is not supported in the Language I/O component, the search must be performed within the Request File pop up.

Notification to the Agent when the Customer has Flagged a Translation

This feature applies to Language I/O Users that have enabled the Quality Rating Flag for customers. The Quality Rating Flag allows customers and Agents alike to flag a translation that could be improved.

This new feature notifies the Agent when a customer has flagged a translation, the Agent also gets notified if a customer un-flags the translation. 

How It Works

A customer flags or un-flags the translation and the Agent gets notified.


The Agent can click on the double up arrows next to the notification to expose the translation that was flagged.

  • The flagged translation shows the original message, the translation, and the flag. 
  • The flag appears read if it was flagged, or blank if it was un-flagged.


  • If the message is higher up the thread, clicking the double up arrows navigates up to the flagged message.


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