Installing the LIO Chrome extension

The purpose of this article is to guide users through the process of installing the Language I/O Chrome Extension. This extension makes it easy to translate any text content on a web page displayed in Chrome. It can employ any of the glossaries and machine translation engine priorities associated with your Language I/O account.

Important: You must have a valid API key from Language I/O to complete the installation process. If you do not have one yet, you can request one via a support ticket


Installation Steps

  1. Open Chrome and follow this link to the Language I/O extension. Click the Add to Chrome button:
  2. A pop-up opens to request confirmation. Click Add extension to confirm:
  3. A message pops-up to confirm the installation completed successfully. Click the X button to close it:
  4. You should now be on the Language I/O sign in page. Click the Sign in button at the bottom:
  5. In the dialog, click the Sign Up option:
  6. Enter an email and password, and click on the Sign Up button at the bottom:
  7. The Account screen opens. Click the Enter API Key button at the bottom:
  8. Another dialog opens that contains a field for the API Key. Enter your key and click Submit:
    Note: The key depicted above is a dummy key. If you do not have a key yet, you can request one via a support ticket.

The plugin is now ready to use.


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